Interested in a Custom Built System?

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Just let me know...

What kinda budget are you working with?

What do you plan on using the computer for? (gaming, streaming, office work, video rendering, media server, general use, solitaire, help ET phone home, build skynet, take over the world, stocks, memes, build hal-9000, pass the turing test, time travel, you know the usual stuff)

Do you know what specs u would like? (processor, amount of memory, storage space, cooling, case size, video card, flux capacitor, turbo, nitrous, seatbelts, roll cage,)

What custom paint work would you like? (single color, simple designs, general theme, logo, or complex design)

and I'll gladly toss you a quick estimate to see if we can build up something nice

*some things are included as humor, they may rip a hole in the fabric of space/time and are not advised.